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Better Pune

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Videos / Presentations

Currently available videos / powerpoint presentations are listed below -

Out of Sight, Out of Mind - a 2 minute video on Climate Change.
Click PLAY to watch video.

Saunskruti & Parampara

Often people find truth very uncomforting. When we highlight how in past 60 years we have failed to live up to our own expectations, many use the psychological process of 'denial'. The painful truth is brushed aside and coated with a thick paint of past glory, many talk of India's great 'Saunskruti and Parampara'. I have struggled to respond to this stance, but now ask people to listen to this audio clip of Shah Rukh Khan in 'Swadesh'. You can download the clip by clicking on link above.

As humans we have made great progress. Despite this, we see plenty of suffering all around us. Wonder why - the answer is simple, we rarely if ever use our brains. Examples of this are seen everywhere. There is little if any planning to what we do / say.  Consequently we are always coping with what is 'urgent' rather than thinkng of the future.
Much of India's problems are due to above. The power-point presentation 'Pune & Us' hopes to demonstrate this. Click on the link above to download the presentation.