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Better Pune

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We are all aware of the the plight of Pune - bad roads, pollution, congestion, lack of footpaths, pathetic public transport, chaotic traffic.
This site is dedicated to bringing together like-minded people and organisations working towards making Pune a better city.

To understand the depth and complexity of the problems please read the article 'Pune Caught in a Whirlpool - Can a Modern Public Transport System Rescue it'. The article also outlines how simple solutions can help resolve the muddle we find ourselves in.
New: Video's providing driver education

Much of the world wide web is full of sarcasm & mocking of driving on Indian roads.

This site has been created with the purpose of providing driver education and training rather than criticism. The driver education is to be provided by way of a series of short videos focusing on concepts and principles most Indian drivers are unaware about. To watch these video's visit Driving a cultural change on Indian roads  

Driver Training Video 1: Blind spots
The first of several video's focuses on awareness of Blind spots, this knowldege is vital during all manoeuvre's especially - change of lanes and overtaking.
To watch more video's visit

Support the Current Online Campaigns:

Improve Public Transport in Pune. Join Over 1390 Pune citizens by following 3 simple steps -

1. Visit the Campaign page
2. Read the petition and Click Sign at the Bottom of the Page
3. Finally enter your details on the form at the bottom of the page and click sign.

To understand why this campaign is important, read the article 'Pune Caught in a Whirlpool - Can a Modern Public Transport System Rescue it'

Campaign 2 -
Say No to Balbharati-Paud Bypass visit This Online Campaign has been started by Dr Uday Kulkarni, for more details visit  or download an edited version here

Click here to read why I oppose this road.

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